Health Technology

Health Technology

As the aging population continues to grow, researchers are searching for new ways to help seniors stay healthy and independent as they age. New sensing devices can learn your daily habits and issue alerts if there is any variance in your sleep patterns, medication schedule and meal times.

Predictive technologies will be able to warn you or a caregiver if you are becoming more likely to experience a fall. And one day, a sensor will be able to prescribe your daily medication dose just by reading your vital signs from your palm.

Healthcare reform legislation gave technology a central role and most medical providers have moved to electronic medical records, patient portals and more.

Tech-savvy seniors will begin to enter the healthcare market in the coming years, so the industry needs to prepare for this new type of aging patient.

Most baby boomers and Generation Xers want to age in their own home, but 95 percent don't think today's technology will allow them to do so. Prepare yourself for a revolution in personal healthcare technology.