Raising the Bar in Senior Living Technology

Silversphere is trying to revolutionize the way that people and organizations care for seniors.

For nearly half of its 65-year history, Tel-Tron had focused its technology and its vision on the senior living industry and on developing some of the very best Emergency Call Systems or Nurse Call Systems available. And now that vision is expanding, with an added global focus, expansion into home health technology, and a new name – Silversphere.

Silversphere's new strategy includes:

  • A commitment to technology that is proactive, relevant, and cutting-edge
  • A global expansion and focus on influence in senior living technology
  • Branching into the Home Health Technology market to provide seniors safety and security wherever they may call home.
  • A sustained commitment to current customers that continues to provide the very best in technology, care, and support.

Of course, big changes don’t happen overnight. In 2008, Tel-Tron made a strategic shift in thinking. The company moved from just manufacturing E-Call systems for the senior living industry to a laser-focused commitment in creating relevant and proactive technology that enables seniors to regain independence, dignity and security. Trends like an aging global population, an increase in life expectancy, a stronger desire to age in place, a greater knowledge and reliance on technology, and a shift in work and retirement patterns have molded the Silversphere vision.

“We have always believed that creative innovation is one of the key elements that define our contributions to our clients’ success. Technology companies have a special obligation to stay current, or they quickly become stale. For the last many years, we have been internally creating the next generation of Tel-Tron, to keep our look-and-feel as cutting edge as our solutions and now we are ready to introduce Silversphere to the world,” says Brian Dawson, CEO of Silversphere.

The name ‘Silversphere’ comes packed full of vision and meaning for the company. “The name Silversphere captures the essence of who we are and who we continue to become. We want everything we do from day one of Silversphere to be focused on the core values of our company and what this new brand represents in our industry,” says Tom Hurlburt, President of Silversphere. The color silver is very versatile and often associated with the words industrial, sleek, and high-tech. Silver is a purifier and it represents the way Silversphere plans to bring a ‘breath of fresh air’ back to this industry. The word Silver also refers to the graceful aging of people with silver hair. The word ‘sphere’ focuses on the 360 degree view of people and relationships that have become so important over the years for the company and the understanding that a sphere can only exist around a common center point, or purpose.

With a new look and a renewed purpose, the launch of Silversphere is a very promising and pivotal step for the entire senior living industry. Be sure to visit the new Silversphere website at http://www.silversphere.com and see the interactive online demonstration of what Silversphere has been up to and how they plan to build the future in senior living technology.