Rosewell Home and Residential Care

3366 SW Vendome Street
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953
Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s and Memory Care

Community Listing


Rosewell Home and Residential Care LLC, is a newly licensed facility that provides assisted living, daycare and respite services to residents of Port St Lucie and surrounding areas.  This facility’s main focus is to ensure that our residents have a great “QUALITY OF LIFE.”  For this reason we seek to service the entire being, physical, emotional, mental and social functioning of our residents. Even though our facility may be new our staff caregiving experience is over 15 years combined.   

We created an environment in which residents will feel so at home that they will look forward to each new day in spite of any physical or mental limitations.  We hope to make the daily life of each resident more fulfilling as well as give their loved ones “PEACE OF MIND” and erase any feelings of guilt knowing that they are in the best hands and the “RIGHT DECISION” was made. 

We have no magic wand and no secret potions but caregivers that offer lots of compassion, care and love, in a stimulating environment that promotes quality of life and independence   knowing that one day we will need the same. We will engage our residents in activities that stimulate the mind including, in house interactive and community activities, hobbies and personal interests that will allow residents to feel more actively fulfilled within their physical and mental capabilities. 

The facility offers private room where more privacy is desired and semi-private rooms to those who wish to have a roommate as well as to reduce cost for resident or responsible party. The home is equipped with fire and security alarm to ensure safety. There is 24/7 staff onsite to meet resident ADL needs. 

We will keep the lines of communication open so residents can communicate with their family members or decision makers by way of modern technology to include Skype and FaceTime and of course landline telephone access is still available.  We have an “OPEN DOOR POLICY” so all suggestions and concerns are welcome from residents, staff and family decision makers to assist in making the experience of each resident the best one 

Our residential home is guaranteed to provide more individualized care for each of our resident, due to the small homier environment and staff to resident ratio.  However, our focus is on complete “quality of life!” 

Services and Amenities
  • Assisted Living, Daycare (3) and Respite 
  • Assisted Living Type: Homey Residential Setting 
  • Beds: 5    Rooms:  1 Private / 2 Semi-privates  

Ideal for individuals that:  

  • are 18 and up 
  • Need assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s)  
  • Need to be closer to family 
  • Want to maintain his/her independence but needs supervision and support services 
  • May have issues with isolation, loneliness 
  • Need to feel safe and secure  
  • May have issues with wandering, not eating or need assistance with medication etc.  

We accept Alzheimer’s and Dementia clients.  



Cost and Contact Info
Monthly Cost: 
Fees are negotiated on an individual basis depending on level of activities of daily living needs and preference of private or semi-private accommodations.
Payment Type: 
  • Private Pay
  • Long-term Care Insurance