How to Make a Retirement House into a Second Dream Home

The time to think about retirement can hold a great deal of personal significance. One aspect of the process often involves cashing in on the investment you’ve made when you initially purchased your home, finding out how much its value has grown and selling to start the transition to your golden years. 

Trading in the Empty Nest

Given that retirement usually coincides with the period in which your youngest children finally move out to start their lives in homes of their own, the transition into a retirement home is often associated with downsizing. 

That said, while you may not require all of the extra rooms and square-footage that you once did when your house was full of growing children, moving into a retirement home shouldn’t mean giving up on living in a space that is personal to you and where you enjoy spending your time. 

Life and Investment

For most people, the purchase of a home isn’t just an investment, it’s a defining milestone that shapes how you think about the stages of your personal growth, as well as your relationship with your spouse and other family members. 

Given the importance of both investment and personal value, there’s no reason why these two aspects of being a homeowner need to be mutually exclusive. After all, every investment you and your partner make together is a renewed commitment towards sharing more later. 

Making Your Retirement House into a Home

One of the secrets to making your next home just as meaningful to you and your family as your last home is to make it personal. When you work with a company specializing in custom-built homes, it is easy to change aspects like paint and flooring to match your tastes. Introducing a few of the things you loved about your last home can help to ease the transition. 

Embracing Change

While part of enjoying your new home will involve keeping some of the things you loved about your last house, another critical part is to embrace the exciting, positive changes that you were never quite able to enjoy before. You may want to have enough space to comfortably accommodate the grandkids when they come to visit, but you’ll also have the worry-free luxury of being alone with your partner.

Living an Adult Lifestyle

Now that you have the opportunity to enjoy active adult living in a community that keeps that lifestyle in mind, you’ll want to ensure such benefits are available wherever you decide to move. Some of the things that you might desire in your new home could include: 

  • Maintenance-free property care
  • Manicured gardens
  • Home security
  • Housekeeping 

When you opt for a custom-built home, you can also include additions to your property like extra bedrooms, a wine cellar or a larger garage. 

When you get to include all of your preferences, it is easy to turn a retirement home into a second dream home. Work with a company known for customization options to ensure that all of your wishes come true. 


Photo Credit: MART PRODUCTION Via Pexels