The 50+ Population Envisions Their Future Lifestyle as Active and Involved

Governments are worried. Physicians are scarce. Retirement funds are in jeopardy. Will older adults and the up-and-coming Baby Boomers—a combined age group described as a tsunami—spell catastrophe? Or, is the large number of older and aging adults an untapped resource that will add value to the world?

Gain the broad perspective of older adults in “Active Aging Industry Outlook 2010,” the research report prepared by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA). The active-aging industry provides facilities and programs that are part of a prevention/wellness model focused on quality of life for people who are 50 years and older. On the eve of the first Baby Boomers turning 65 year old, ICAA searched the analysis and research results of many organizations and compiled them into a single source of credible information.

Among the seven key drivers identified in the report are key concepts for the future:

  1. an aging population is a large, growing market;
  2. functional ability among “older adults” is so diverse it requires a diverse range of services; and
  3. the 50+ population envisions their future lifestyle as active and involved.

The majority of older adults, according to the findings in the report, are happier, healthier and living longer than any other generation. While the prevalence of chronic health conditions is an important issue, so is the ability of older adults to contribute to society and change the way they age. Their interest in health and lifestyle creates ample opportunity for businesses and for service providers to tap into the older adult market by understanding their needs and wants today—and in the future.

“Globally, thought leaders are turning away from the medical model of older adults who need to be cared for to an active aging wellness model of older adults who care for themselves and others,” observes Colin Milner, CEO of International Council on Active Aging. “It is time to witness how the Boomers and their parents—together the largest, richest and fastest-growing segment of the overall population—are changing the way society responds to their expectations, needs, desires and dreams.”

Packed with statistics and perspective, the research report is targeted to market analysts, business development executives, and seniors services providers who are interested in an eagle view of the industry, key trends and reliable data. Relevant to the United States and Canada, “Active Aging Industry Outlook 2010” showcases the opportunity for active aging with:

  • Strategic overviews of active aging and the active-aging industry
  • Profile of the lifestyles of the 50+ population
  • Future trends for older adults and the active-aging industry
  • Size of the population and scope of the industry
  • Market characteristics and growth projections for seniors housing and retirement communities (including CCRCs, assisted living, skilled nursing and active adult), seniors/community centers and adult day services, health clubs and worksite wellness programs
  • Fully footnoted, glossary of terms

Grounded in ICAA’s expertise on active aging, the 96 page report opens the window on the many aspects of active aging in the real world. To order a copy, contact International Council on Active Aging:

Source: International Council on Active Aging