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A weekly summary of articles about senior living, aging in place, retirement planning and senior health, designed to help you plan for the future and make the most of the best years of your life. The headlines link to the original sources.

Retirees embrace ways to stay put, age in place 

Although some people want to move to a warmer climate or exotic locale in retirement, for most folks, their current home is where their heart is.

They want to age in place, continuing to live in their home or at least in the same community. And they're not afraid to remodel and try new technologies to make that happen, new research shows. They'd even be willing to have a cleaning robot or heated driveway.

6 things you must know about aging in place

Planning to stay put in retirement? Get your home ready now. Here are six tips:

  1. It pays to retrofit.
  2. Think small.
  3. Make it accessible.
  4. Consider the big picture.
  5. Tap your equity.
  6. R2-D2 to the rescue.

Look who's retiring later

Getting ready to retire? Hold that thought.

Two-thirds of Americans have experienced a financial disruption that affected their financial behavior in some way, according to a newly released data by TD Ameritrade. And of that group, roughly half expect to delay or forgo retirement as a result of the disruption. The 34 percent who plan to put off retiring are moving their target age from 63, on average, to 68.

Is your advisor clueless about retirement planning? 5 questions to ask

There are 5 things you can ask to test your advisor’s ability to help you retire:

  1. When should I claim Social Security? 
  2. When can I claim Medicare and how does it work?
  3. What is long-term care insurance and should I get it?
  4. What are the rules regarding taking money out of my retirement plan?
  5. How much of my income can I replace in retirement?

Caffeine may treat or even prevent Alzheimer's Disease

A new study suggests a possible role for caffeine in Alzheimer's disease (AD) treatment, by showing a link between caffeine and reductions in the beta amyloid plaque accumulation characteristic of Alzheimer's disease. The latest evidence linking beta amyloid protein to Alzheimer's disease and exploring the relationship between caffeine and beta amyloid are featured in a review article in Journal of Caffeine Research.

Aging Gracefully: Comprehensive Primary Care For The Elderly

In addition attention to lifestyle/behaviors to assure good nutrition, plenty of exercise, reduced stress, no tobacco and – for preserving cognitive function – intellectual challenge and social engagement, aging gracefully requires comprehensive primary care for good health, wellness and needed medical care during our elder years.

New breed of senior housing planned for Broward, Palm Beach counties

A new style of senior housing is coming to South Florida, combining modern amenities like Wi-Fi, fitness centers, bistros and salons with advanced care for aging baby boomers. Operators are responding to pent-up demand for these facilities now that the economy is more conducive to development.

Loss of Housing Affordability Threatens Financial Stability for Older Middle-Class Adults

Homeowners and renters, including older adult households, are paying more of their incomes on housing which is jeopardizing their ability to maintain their lifestyles and save for their futures as they age. Difficult economic times are negatively impacting middle class 50+ households.

Why Taking a Lump-Sum Payout Makes More Sense Than You Think

With many pensions and severance packages, once you pass away, the checks stop coming. This leaves your surviving partner and dependents, if any, without any income. That could be problematic if they’re relying on this monthly income. Even if you’re not leaving anyone behind, if you pass early, you may not collect as much money as you would have received had you taken the lump sum.

The Best Places to Retire Outside of the US

If you're willing to move outside of the US, you could enjoy a more comfortable retirement and keep more of your money, thanks to other cities' health care systems and lower cost of living. This list highlights seven places particularly friendly to English-speaking retirees.