Where should the senior living search begin?

senior living search

As with any other major purchase today—and the senior living decision can be considered a major purchase because of the potential cost and the impact it can have on your life—consumers usually begin by researching on the Internet.

Why the Internet rather than books, magazines or brochures? Because it’s more current, flexible and interactive. You can find all the information you want to know about senior living, get expert advice, weigh differing opinions, and ultimately form opinions of your own.

But here is the disclaimer: the information is all on the internet, but for the most part it’s fragmented and non-sequential. To get the full story on a senior living topic, searchers have had to visit multiple websites and then piece all of that information together in some sort of logical narrative. Until now.

All the information you need in one place

This SeniorLiving Manual is designed to bring together in one place the objective information you need to make informed decisions about senior living. And because it is updated constantly as new research and concepts come to light, you will always be only a click away from finding the answers you are seeking. If you sign up for our newsletters, we’ll notify you when new information is posted regarding your areas of interest. 

Senior living is foreign territory for people entering for the first time. It even has a language all its own. Unless you are faced with a critical situation that compels you to make an immediate decision, it’s important to take your time, explore what’s available and compare your choices before you respond to a TV commercial or a newspaper or magazine ad, or even thumb through the Yellow Pages, if they still exist.

In other words, before you pick up that phone, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about your options.

And The SeniorLiving Manual is the best place to begin. 

No matter what your existing attitude is about senior living, you need to adopt a mindset that will enable you start your journey on the right path.


Access The SeniorLiving Manual here.