Why You Should Purchase DNA Test for Gut Health

There are many things to learn about your gut. Because it contains trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms, it plays a significant role in your overall health. Health experts today believe that your weight, immune and digestive systems, and mood problems can be traced back to your gut health.

DNA Test for Gut Health 

The DNA test for gut health explores the individual microbiome and how your genes may affect your personality traits. The result of this test will inform you about how the changes in your DNA may affect your fatty acid levels, caffeine metabolism, or vitamin levels. You can also use the gut biome test result to enhance digestive function by looking at the species of probiotic bacteria present in your gut. If you’re interested, you can purchase DNA test online and learn more about your gut health today. 

Benefits of DNA Testing for Gut Health

There’s much to learn about your health other than just looking at your physical features. One way to enhance your health is to look at your genes and microbiome. One way to use the results of your test is to help improve your diet so that you maximize the gut microbiome you have. 

Here are the benefits of getting yourself tested:

Improve heart health. The gut microbiome plays an essential role in enhancing the benefits of good cholesterol and triglycerides. It’s been found that there are unhealthy species of bacteria that are linked to heart disease, one of the most common diseases among seniors. These harmful bacteria produce trimethylamine N-oxide or TMAO, known to lead to blocked arteries and result in a heart attack or stroke. Other bacteria have also been shown to convert nutrients from animal-based foods like meat to TMAO and further increase your risk for heart disease. 

Manage blood sugar levels. In this study, infants that were susceptible to type 1 diabetes were closely studied to determine the relationship between the disease and microbiome diversity. It showed that the diversity of the microbiome swiftly dropped before the onset of the disease. They also found that before the start of type 1 diabetes, the infants’ unhealthy bacterial species also increased. 

Treat as well as prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Gut bacteria is found to affect a person’s susceptibility to getting rheumatoid arthritis. Similarly, knowing your gut microbiome can also provide treatment for such a disease. Studies have shown that some gut bacteria are linked to rheumatoid arthritis and that a particular strain called Pevotella histocola is helpful in relieving and reducing symptoms of the disease. 

Final Thoughts

Your gut health is determined by the balance of fungi, bacteria, and other microbes found in it. While your gastrointestinal health depends on your gut microbiome, there are many health aspects also affected. Knowing your gut health and getting yourself a DNA test for gut health can be used to help improve your overall health by enhancing the available good microbes in your gut. 


Author: Cassidy Wright

Cassidy Wright is a senior care nurse specialist with years of experience. Because of her passion to help the elderly, she always finds time researching online resources for the latest trends in geriatric care. She shares her experience and expertise in her blog posts, helping caregivers and senior patients alike.