Making aging-in-place more than a pipe dream

Surveys show that 90% of people want to age-in-place in their own homes. That’s consistent with the fact that only 3% of seniors live in senior living communities. We have talked about the advantages of senior living or assisted living communities in other articles so we won’t try to convince you of their value here. 

Odds are (see above), you’ve already decided to stay at home, if at all possible. So, here’s a great article on the things you should consider before you decide that aging-in-place is the answer for you. 

Your own home might feel like your preferred residence, particularly if you've spent decades there, but your home as is probably isn't equipped to support you as you age. Here's how to know if you should attempt aging in place and how to prepare your space and lifestyle for the long term.

As with almost every decision you make, it’s usually best to start thinking about it early, so you can freely make a decision on your timetable, rather than having to make a hurried decision due to unforeseen circumstances.

And, as we have said before, senior living communities aren’t for everyone. But neither is aging-in-place. As good as it sounds and seems, it’s a hard decision. 

One point to remember is this: if your current home can’t be modified easily and affordably for you to age-in-place safely, then you probably should find another place in which to age.