Advice for Seniors Selling Their Family Home

Selling your family home is one of the toughest decisions for a senior. The memories of your loved ones and the hurdles of today’s real estate market make the sale process exhausting. 

You might be worried, “How to sell my house fast in Kansas City?” or whatever state you’re located in. Well, the answer is a cash home-buying company. They buy all properties as-is and offer instant cash payments. 

However, if you don’t take care of a few factors, you might end up making a bad deal. Here’s useful advice for seniors selling their family home to cash buyers, investors, resellers, or traditional buyers:

1. Plan Your Movement

Whether you’re moving into an old home or downsizing to a smaller house, it’s first important to plan your next phase in life. Where exactly will you move? Do you have the budget to rent/buy the new place and live comfortably? Has your partner and family agreed on this decision?

This planning will help you determine whether selling the family home is a good decision. It will also guide you on how much you should sell the house for and how much time is available to make the move. 

2. Declutter and Assess the Home Condition 

Next, you should start decluttering the property. Go through everything and decide which stuff should be kept, discarded, and donated. We recommend asking your family members to help you with this task. 

Remember, the clearer your house is, the more attractive it will appear to potential buyers. They will be able to imagine it according to their preferences. Once your house is clean, you can also assess its condition properly. You can find the damages easily and set a realistic demand.  

3. Get an Evaluation

Although you can sell a family home without the involvement of real estate agents, it’s best not to do so. You must get the house professionally evaluated by them. Simply contact the most reputable realtor in your area and ask them to visit your house. Be honest about the damages as you show them around. Also, discuss any complications with the paperwork at this point. 

Then, ask them about the estimated worth of the house. They will give you a price based on current market trends. If the amount is less than what you need to move, think about how the value can be increased. 

4. Repair the Damages 

One of the most common ways to increase your property value is to repair those damages you identified earlier. We specifically recommend applying a fresh coat of paint to cover the dirty walls and doors. This will instantly elevate the appearance of the house. You should also change the window screens and focus on landscaping. 

5. Market Properly

Lastly, make sure to advertise your property on all channels. Do not just rely on the realtors, instead add a For Sale signboard outside the house and list your property on online marketplaces like Zillow. In your descriptions, highlight the positive aspects and benefits. These multiple listings will help you find a buyer faster and close the deal successfully.