Features of villas in Benidorm for sale


The small town of Benidorm (Valencia province) is located on the seashore. Villas in this location are in high demand among Spanish citizens and foreigners.

Villas in Benidorm for sale – as well as its satellite cities (Finestrat, Polop, Viyahoyosa) are luxury housing. The construction materials comply with strict standards; the objects are located in complexes closed from prying eyes. Tens of millions of tourists come to Spain every year — after two years of the pandemic, the demand for residential facilities is starting to grow again.

Description of Benidorm

The National Institute of Statistics of Spain confirms that more than 80 million people visit the country every year. The key feature of Benidorm is an organic combination of a mild climate, picturesque nature and a modern city. Everyone here has something interesting for themselves, so this place is incredibly popular with tourists from five continents.

Benidorm is life at the same time in a modern city of the 21st century with high-rise buildings against the backdrop of pristine nature. Nearby there are luxurious beaches, picturesque parks, and mountains.

Unofficially, the locality is called Spanish Miami. There are many:

  1. High-rise buildings.
  2. Boulevards with palm trees.
  3. Well-groomed beaches of Levante and Poniente (more than 7 km long).

​In the cold season, the number of tourists decreases, but life does not freeze as in other seaside cities. 

The entire infrastructure of Benidorm is designed for tourists' recreation. If you buy a villa, it will be located from 5 to 3,000 meters from the Mediterranean Sea. The layout of the settlement is well thought out; residents get from one area to another within 10-30 minutes using public transport or taxi. All the necessary facilities for life are within walking distance.

  • cafes and restaurants
  • shopping malls
  • night clubs

Spanish legislation provides for strict eco-friendly standards in the field of construction. The materials have the appropriate certificates, which guarantee the reliability and durability of the objects.

Features of buying villas

To buy a villa in Spain, a foreigner's tax number (NIE) is required – this is a non-resident identification number. Having received this document, a citizen of another country has the right to conduct the purchase and sale of real estate.

Numerous companies perform these services:

  1. Selection of objects.
  2. Comprehensive consulting.
  3. Organization of inspection of villas.
  4. Selection according to the specified criteria.
  5. Analysis of prices and quality of the house.
  6. Physical audit, checking debts.
  7. Verification of sales permits.
  8. Nota Simple request.
  9. Engineering inspection and conclusion.
  10. Legal support.
  11. Opening a bank account.
  12. Registration of NIE.
  13. Registration of the deposit and all documents.
  14. Registration with a notary.
  15. After-sales services.

The commission is paid in Spain by developers; there are no hidden commissions and overpayments. A large number of luxury villas are concentrated on the coast. Houses near the sea are expensive, but they can always be sold and the price for them will only grow. There is also the construction of new villas in the vicinity, which confirms the revival of demand for real estate in this location.

The most expensive villa with 6 bedrooms and a plot with a swimming pool will cost more than 4 million euros. A house (100- 200 m2) with two bedrooms and a small plot of land will cost more than 300 thousand euros.

Such objects are in high demand. After buying a house, you can also buy a car, even if you have a tourist visa. After completing the purchase procedure, confirmation arrives from Madrid to the villa and you can submit documents: a residence permit. If the cost of the house exceeds 500 thousand euros, then you can apply for a Golden Visa. The maintenance of the house will require annual overhead costs of at least 1% of the total amount.


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