Buy two-bedrooms flats in Turkey from developer at the best prices

Real estate in Turkey for 2023 offers every visitor to the country both primary and secondary real estate. For example, you can buy two-bedrooms flats in Turkey from developer at a pleasant price and in the shortest possible time. Let us further consider what are the standards of construction in Turkey, why you should buy two-bedroom flats in Turkey from the developer, and why choose Turkish housing.


Construction standards of Turkish developers

Foreign purchasers are particularly drawn to Turkey's home complexes because of their superior quality and quick development. Because local governments have annual control over building projects and developers compete fiercely, work is done with a true conscience.

Turkey's major developers follow these fundamental building standards and guidelines:

  • The process of constructing using monolithic reinforced concrete. The frame is being poured under strict supervision, and the concrete's quality is being closely monitored;
  • Masonry walls are composed of foam blocks and bricks. It is not permitted to build homes using solely bricks used for interior finishing or partitioning;
  • Plasterboard with a water-emulsion coating is used to finish an interior space;
  • Installation of metal-plastic double-glazed windows. Rarely, wooden window frames are possible;
  • Apartment delivered turnkey. Turkish flats are fully furnished with internal and external doors, a kitchen, and plumbing.

You will find every building under construction in Turkey according to these standards. When buying two-bedroom flats in Turkey from the developer, first of all, pay attention to whether all construction standards are met and check all documents.

Is it worth buying real estate in Turkey from a developer?

Real estate from the developer, namely two-bedrooms flats in Turkey, is a draw for venturesome investors. In Turkey, there is an increasing demand for flats in newly constructed structures. There are several reasons for this:

  • Developer-priced real estate in Turkey is less than in similarly developed European nations;
  • Purchasing an apartment at the start of construction saves 20–30% of the market value;
  • Developers offer interest-free installments, enabling you to pay for your property over time. The buyer is required to pay back the whole sum after the item is used. 

Purchasing real estate is a big choice. It's especially important to understand all the nuances of purchasing Turkish real estate directly from the developer when it's still in the planning stages. Finding a reputable developer and enlisting the help of a certified real estate firm is essential to closing a successful sale.

Buying an apartment from a developer in Turkey: the order of actions 

The step-by-step plan for buying an apartment from a developer in Turkey is as follows: 

  • Selecting a developer and looking for a suitable unit;
  • Determining the most cost-effective payment option;
  • Completing the money and signing the contract;
  • Awaiting the building project's completion;
  • Putting their signature on the acceptance certificate and obtaining the goods.

If two-bedroom flats in Turkey are purchased with a mortgage, when looking for a developer it is important to find out what banks he works with. Documents are sent from the developer's list to the chosen credit organization. A tripartite contract is drafted if the ruling is favorable. The developer receives the funds from the bank. The buyer of the unit and the credit company handle the remaining transactions.

Amenities of Turkish housing

Contemporary apartment buildings are distinct and provide the utmost convenience for their occupants. Apart from the thoughtfully designed apartments, the owners may enjoy the pleasant complex infrastructure, which includes a sports and recreation area, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Turkish baths, and other facilities. 

In Turkey, all real estate, including flats with two bedrooms, is ready for habitation. Each of the commissioned residential complexes has access to gas, light, water, and other utilities.

  • Flawless finishing;
  • Double-glazed windows;
  • Inside and external doors;
  • A basic plumbing system;
  • Spotlighting;
  • Satellite TV is all fitted. 

New two-bedroom apartments in Turkey, can find in such popular residences: Yekta Sungate Residence, Yekta BLUE 3 Residence, and Yekta Kingdom Trade Center. They are considered to be the most respectable and reliable developments where everyone can find the right apartment for themselves. 

It should be remembered that not every building has gas. As a result, the price of Turkish seaside real estate from developers with gas supplies is somewhat more than that of homes without this comfort. However, during the winter, an apartment without gas will have greater power costs because air conditioning units use a lot of light.

Why are two-bedroom apartments in Turkey better for real estate developers?

Purchasing an apartment in a newly constructed residential complex in Turkey has several benefits: 

  • Superior heat-saving qualities;
  • Adherence to seismic-safe building regulations;
  • The availability of backup electric generators that provide a steady supply of energy;
  • Flexibility to select the number of levels;
  • The arrangement of the apartments;
  • The view outside the windows;
  • Hotel-style amenities, and a protected area;
  • Turkish home design with unique solutions and distinctive style. 

These are not all the advantages of new buildings in Turkey, but the listed ones are enough to make an obvious choice.

Investment benefits of buying real estate in Turkey

Purchasing Turkish real estate directly from the developer is a wise financial decision. For instance, at the excavation stage of a new building, you may purchase an apartment for thirty percent less than the going rate for one square meter of real estate in the neighborhood. 

Your two-bedroom apartment will cost thirty percent more than what you paid when you first bought it when the house is turned over in fifteen months. Credit money can be used to acquire an apartment with confidence because foreigners in Turkey are eligible for an annual mortgage rate of 8–10% on new construction. 

It is possible to rent out the two-bedroom flat you have acquired if you do not want to live there permanently. Turkey's rental property market yields an average of 6-8% of the object's worth annually.

Offer from Yekta Homes

The top Turkish developers are offering a broad selection of current offers on the Yekta Homes real estate website. Would you like to know every detail of the agreement with the developer? Send in a request, and the managers will respond with comprehensive information and guidance on selecting a lucrative investment.