Linden Lake Senior Apartments

901 Norcross Rd
Lindenwold, NJ 08021
Independent Living

Winner Of The NJAA 2010 Award Linden Lake is a great place to call home.

Tucked away in a quiet suburban neighborhood, Linden Lake is going to be a meticulously maintained community that offers the atmosphere of home. It is located in a beautiful landscaped park setting with a home of convenience, independence, reliability and affordability. We believe this well designed home and community can make your life better in hundreds of different ways.

Linden Lake is conveniently located close to shopping, transportation and religious institutions.

A Few Ways We Keep Our Community Affordable:

Solar Energy Roof-mounted solar panels providing electricity to help power common areas of building. Roof-mounted solar panels designed to assist the common hot water heaters.
Indoor Air Quality
Ducts and HVAC protected from dust during construction
Air out the building prior to occupancy
Low VOC paint for interior finishes
Low VOC for all sealants and adhesives
Melamine or otherwise encapsulated particleboard for cabinetry
Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label-Plus, low pile carpets, 25% recycled content
Ceramic Bathroom Tile
Linoleum Entry and Dining Area Flooring
Tack down carpet instead of glue-down
Medium-efficiency (or higher) air filters in ducted forced air systems
Under-slab vapor barriers as per Uniform Construction Code

Energy Efficiency

Easy-to-use programmable thermostats w/occupant training
High-energy factor water heater
All ductwork in conditioned space
Durable Fiberglass windows
Energy Star refrigerator
Energy Star hard-wired fluorescent lighting, beyond E-Star requirement

Resource Efficiency

Recycle or salvage construction and demolition debris
EEBA window detail and flashing
Stormwater absorption on site
Pervious pavers for outdoor patios and walkways
Shade Trees-- preserve and/or plant
Dual flush 0.6/1.6 gpf toilets
Water saving shower and faucet heads
On-Site Recycling Areas (in common areas and built-in to each kitchen)

Operations and Maintenance

Owner O&M Manual and Training-Property Management will be trained at building turnover on all Green Building features and how they are to be properly maintained.
Train tenants to use programmable thermostats-tenants will be trained (and retrained as needed) on how to effectively use the programmable thermostats.
Permanent signage highlighting building's sustainable features-a sign will be designed and mounted in the common area.