Fox Hill Village

10 Longwood Dr
Westwood, MA 02090
Independent Living

We’re proud of the fact that Fox Hill Village is New England’s premier adult retirement community. We offer our residents the best in independent living situated in a beautiful setting that is enhanced by an array of services and amenities. Our unique cooperative structure also offers residents many of the benefits of home ownership with none of the hassle and worry.

Founded in 1990 in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, our “Village” was carefully planned to offer homeowners a comprehensive approach to retirement living. Our distinctive building features 340 resident-owned apartments that surround a village commons. Our village commons was designed to mirror the accommodations of a traditional main street, with a variety of services and recreation options, such as a bank, hair salon, variety store, library, greenhouse, fitness center, card and hobby rooms, and a 200-seat auditorium for movies, performances, and cultural events. Every home is only steps away from the “center of town” and you never need to step outside to enjoy all the comforts of village life. Our community also offers onsite health services through Massachusetts General Hospital.

Our village is made complete with our very active, involved, and friendly residents. You’ll meet neighbors from all professions and with all points of view. Fox Hill Village links neighbors together, encourages independent living, and lets you control your own life in a private and secure environment.

With a strong capital reserve fund, a forward-thinking management team, and the active voices and participation of our residents, Fox Hill Village is well-positioned to evolve and meet the needs and tastes of our residents and future generations, including Baby Boomers. Fox Hill Village residents not only enjoy all the comforts of maintenance-free living, but also reap the rewards of an innovative cooperative organization. Cooperative ownership combines the advantages and pride of home ownership with the convenience of community living—offering residents both a secure lifestyle and a unique financial investment.

As a resident of Fox Hill Village, you are purchasing a share of ownership in the entire community and making an investment in living well. As a shareholder, you have equal voting status in electing the board of directors, which is comprised mostly of residents, and in approving the annual operating budget.

There’s also a substantial difference to cooperative ownership as compared to the entrance-fee models of other adult communities. While other communities offer residents only a 90 percent return on their original contribution, Fox Hill Village offers you the opportunity for potential asset appreciation by providing you with 90 percent of the sale price.

Further, living at Fox Hill Village is typically more affordable than at other communities. Our monthly fees are traditionally lower because our cost of services comes without markup to residents. Fox Hill also pays no management fees or dividends to outside stockholders. As shareholders, residents also are eligible for tax advantages associated with mortgage interest and real estate tax payments.

Fox Hill Village lets you control you own life in a private and secure setting at a lower cost than other adult communities while offering significant financial and tax advantages.