Brentwood at Elkhart Assisted Living

3109 E Bristol St
Elkhart, IN 46514
Assisted Living

Brentwood at Elkhart is an assisted living community that is coupled with exceptional, personalized care in Elkhart, Indiana. At Brentwood at Elkhart, our focus is to support our residents’ independence and overall wellness. We treat all residents as respected members of our family. We understand the importance of our residents having a feeling of connection, community, comfort, and caring.

Elkhart, Indiana is a city with a rich cultural scene and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. For those seeking cultural experiences, Elkhart is home to many museums, theaters, and music venues that showcase a diverse range of art and performances. Residents can immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture and discover new forms of entertainment. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to spend time in nature, Elkhart boasts many parks and recreational areas, including the picturesque Elkhart Riverwalk.

Residents will find a wide range of opportunities giving both a vibrant and relaxing lifestyle.