Bay Harbor Memory Care and Assisted Living

1450 Pleasant St
Ripon, WI 53014
Alzheimer’s and Memory Care

Bay Harbor Memory Care and Assisted Living of Ripon is perfect for residents who value their independence but would benefit from assistance with daily activities. The community is a warm and friendly place to call home. Our range of services, comfortable setting and caring staff all combine to create a great place to enjoy assisted living.

Our residents feel independent and have services available to them when needed. We encourage continued independence with a customized care plan. Assistance is provided by trained caregivers available 24 hours a day.

Bay Harbor is an assisted living community that has been purposefully designed for people living with dementia. Meeting your loved one’s emotional needs requires that we as care providers go beyond physical care and address your loved one’s whole person.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy with a wide range of specialized programs now available to our residents on-site.