Aged to Perfection

4850 Pheasant Drive
Lorain, OH 44053
Assisted Living

Aged to Perfection was started and created based on my own family’s needs. My Grandmother became very sick and went into the hospital. She then went to Rehab for a few weeks. However due to her condition it was decided that she could no longer live alone. Homecare was not an option due to the enormous amount that would have cost each month. We then realized we had to find an Assisted Living facility.

What a tasking ordeal this was. Everyone telling you how wonderful they were and that they had top notch care. Yet as I looked around, yes I saw nice wallpaper and pretty things on the wall. But what struck me the most....was individuals sitting in their wheelchairs staring out the windows looking so sad and lost. Or they would be walking with their walkers down the halls and still in their night gowns that you could clearly see had not been washed in at least a day or two. Then the worst part for us was listening to people yell out for help. Yet the aids just walked by their room.

Based on the facilities we looked at ( and there were alot) we choose the one we felt the best about.

One day I went to visit my grandmother and she looked very sad. I finally got her to tell me what was wrong and she looked right at me and said..."I am just a number here" I wanted to pick her up and take her out of there right then. I knew it was my goal and mission to NOT let this happen to her or anyone else if I could help it. I immediately started figuring out what I could do to give her a better living condition and quality of life for her remaining days.

Therefore we started AGED TO PERFECTION. Your loved one is NOT a number with us. They are cared for as individuals and with lots of love and attention. We interact with everyone and have top quality care for them.