Abundant Life Manor West

120th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Assisted Living

Abundant Life Manor provides assisted living to the elderly.


  • Registered nurse is available for ongoing healthcare monitoring
  • Medical, dental, vision and foot care
  • Every resident is assessed by a registered dietitian with food preferences identified
  • Registered dietitians monitor weight changes, dietary changes and overall nutritional status
  • Accompany to health care appointments – staff can accompany residents to these appointments, often providing critical information and assistance leading to improved health care outcomes for our residents


  • Medication managements – trained staff are able to administer medications and injections
  • Complete diabetic monitoring which includes blood glucose testing, administration of oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin injections
  • A registered nurse monitors residents for potential side effects of medications and works with physicians to make sure the residents medications are effective
  • A registered nurse and pharmacist review the resident’s medication profile for any possible drug interactions or drug allergies


  • Supportive personal care – all direct personal care will be provided by certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Caregivers provide assistance with bathing, toileting, and eating.
  • Tasty healthy meals – we provide three meals a day plus evening snacks. Residents are encouraged to offer menu suggestions and changes to our weekly menu planner.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services (dry cleaning not included).
  • Safety skills – treatment plans focus on assessing and working with residents on a broad range of safety issues such as safe smoking, interpersonal communication, and physical strength/endurance, we encourage residents to improve their lives.


  • Leisure time activities and support services – residents are provided with group activities, individual activities, and community outings. On a weekly basis, the resident will receive a four-hour block of time with an individual staff member to pursue identified therapeutic treatment activities. We have abundance public space. Family and friends are encouraged to visit and stay for a meal. There is a nominal charge for the meal for all visitors.
  • Information and referral – staff is familiar with local community resources and work with residents to keep them in touch with their local neighborhood. We can provide assistance in making sure the resident has all of his/her personal papers, identification cards, homestead form and medical cards.
  • Coordinator – we work with the residents to assist them in coordination of their health care, financial, social and spiritual needs.
  • Advocacy- community advocate will be sought out when a resident feels his/her rights or interests are being violated.
  • Transportation – staff will transport residents to all non-emergency medical appointments and community activities, making the community more accessible to our residents. Abundant Life Manor will have fully insured licensed drivers and multi-passenger van.