Twitter Poll Votes: What They Are and How to Use Them

Twitter is a great place for people who like to voice their opinions. Twitter users often do this by posting certain statuses where they ask their followers questions and encourage them to comment. But the platform introduced an even better feature that allows every Twitter account to make opinion-sharing easier: Twitter Polls.

Twitter Polls allows users to create polls on the site, letting other individuals vote and thus engage with their posts. Believe it or not, some pages even buy Twitter poll votes to grow their engagement and attract more accounts to their accounts.

But how exactly do you use Twitter polls to your advantage? How do they work, and why do so many businesses use them for marketing purposes? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

What Are Twitter Polls?

A Twitter poll comes in the form of a question you ask your audience in which you request an opinion. Other users then have the chance to choose one of the answer options. The vote may be just for fun or engagement, or it may actually lead to a certain decision being made.

Twitter Polls were first introduced in 2015 and they eased the process of surveying followers. Prior to this feature, it took more trouble to get answers from other Twitter users. Accounts would simply post questions and wait for replies. To make things easier, they would ask people to like or retweet to choose their favorite option or reply with a particular hashtag.

What's cool about these polls is that you can see the results instantly. You don't have to wait until the voting closes to check the answer with the highest number of votes. As soon as you give your answer, you'll see the percentage for all answer options as the voting continues.

With Twitter polls, you can make your followers, fans, and customers give a short survey with one click. They're a great method to understand how your general audience feels about certain things.

Twitter polls are easy to create on different systems. Whether you're on the web, Android, or iOS, making such a survey is just a piece of cake.

How Do People Vote in Polls?

Typically, an account will post a poll question with several answer choices. These questions can be about anything, such as who will win tonight's game, their preferred television shows, and so on. They can add up to four options per poll.

Then, when users see a poll, they only have to tap or click on the preferred poll option. A check mark will appear next to the selected answer.

The results will be revealed immediately. A percentage will show which answer has the highest number of votes.

The Different Ways You Can Encourage Engagement with Twitter Polls

Poll creators generally post these surveys to engage with the audience or find out the users' opinions regarding certain matters. However, since they can boost engagement, some pages even buy Twitter poll votes.

But how can you increase engagement with the help of Twitter polls? Well, here are some of the best options:

1. Don't Forget to Enjoy Yourself

Don't worry - a Twitter poll doesn't always have to be too serious. You can simply be a poll creator for the sake of having fun. Not everyone in Twitter's massive audience wants to be serious all the time. In some instances, they just want a way to unwind, and a fun poll is the perfect way to do that while boosting engagement.

Start posting some fun questions. They can be something simple, such as what people prefer in terms of dips, what their preferred superpower would be, and so on.

2. Do Some Research

Twitter polls are a good way to gauge your followers' general opinions and conduct market research. For instance, you could ask questions such as how many hours people spend on social media on average, what makes them more likely to engage with posts, and so on.

At the end of this, you can use the collected data for more research that can even be useful for your marketing endeavors.

3. Ask for Product Opinions

If you're a brand that sells specific products or services, getting the opinions of your customers is a great way to tell whether people love what you offer or if there are ways to improve.

Now, since Twitter polls only offer four answer choices, it's difficult to get all the data you need from one question. Still, these feedback opportunities are a great start.

Ask them about their favorite things about your products, whether they would use them in certain scenarios, and so on.

4. Collect Opinions for News Stories

Are you about to write a news piece or a blog post on a particular topic? Well, why not use Twitter polls to find out the general public opinion? In recent years, many news companies have relied on polls as a way to collect more information on people's thoughts and ideas and thus support various stories.

This could work for different topics, so don't hesitate to give it a try. You'll be surprised to see how many individuals will offer their votes.

5. Start Asking for Predictions

It's not a secret that many Twitter users comment on the latest sports tournaments. Whether it's talking about a particular athlete's performance, the last game's score, unexpected turns of events, or predictions about future games, fans like to start conversations about sports.

With the right steps, you can also turn your account into a sanctuary for sports fans. Twitter polls are actually a fun way to do so, and you can even build conversations by asking for predictions.

It's all very simple. You only have to make a poll asking who they think will win the Wimbledon championship, an NFL game, or any similar event. You can even ask for predictions for TV talent shows.

6. Ask People to Finish a Sentence

There are multiple ways to finish a sentence and many pages ask people to fill in the blanks. It's a cool content strategy for pages that want to build stronger connections with their audiences. Besides, it's also fun, and it reveals how a little addition to the sentence can change its entire meaning.

The opportunities are endless for these types of Twitter polls, so don't hesitate to use your creativity. If done right, people will be more likely to stick around and check out your content.

7. Let People Become Controversial

One of the things that users love the most about Twitter polls is that they are unique. Unlike traditional surveys, polls show users the results after they vote, and they don't allow anyone to see who voted. Votes are anonymous, making everyone more comfortable with giving their opinions.

So, wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to ask for more controversial opinions? Lots of individuals love controversy, and polls like this would immediately grab their attention. Whether it's political polls or anything of the sort, a Twitter poll will undoubtedly get more attention.

Now, obviously, it should be related to your brand and opinion and not too far-reaching. Once you start with such polls, you'll see the engagement grow considerably.

8. Ask for Content Feedback

Are you curious about the public's opinion on your content? You can ask users what they think about the things you tweet or the articles you post on your blog. This is not only a good way to improve your content but also to reach your target audience more easily.

That said, you should consider creating Twitter polls asking people what they'd like to see more of and what they'd like to see less of from you. Then, adjust your content accordingly and see those engagement numbers change.

How Do You Create Twitter Polls?

Creating and using a Twitter poll is not difficult. If you have enough ideas and put your creativity to good use, generating the desired surveys only takes a few clicks.

Here are the steps that will let you create fun and interesting Twitter polls:

1. Start a New Tweet

First, you have to start a new tweet. If you're on your computer, click on the blue Tweet button just like you would when making a normal post. If you're on the mobile app, tap the plus symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Generate a Poll

You will see a few symbols under the empty field meant for your tweet. These will let you add pictures and gifs, and then you'll see a separate option for a poll. Click or tap on it, and a special form will appear on your screen.

3. Insert Your Question

In the text box, type your question. Make sure it fits within the character limit. Then, don't forget to add a few related hashtags.

4. Select the Poll Answers

Add several poll answer options so other users can choose the right ones. You can add up to four choices. Insert the first response option in the first box, then the second one in the second box, and so on. Remember that each answer box allows you to use up to 25 characters.

5. Choose a Poll Duration

Did you know you have control over the poll length? You can choose how long people can vote for. Options include days, hours, and minutes. The maximum you can choose is seven days.

6. Post the Poll

Now, all that's left is to post your poll and wait for your followers to vote. You'll know the general opinion when the voting comes to an end.

Final Thoughts

Twitter polls are an excellent way to boost engagement and grow your audience. They let your followers make their voices heard or make choices about your content. If used correctly, they represent a strategy that may lead to good results. Whether you're a business or just a person who wants to become more popular, these fantastic online surveys are amazing ice-breakers.