Travel the World in Your Pajamas - Socialize with Friends Without Leaving Home

by Sari Cada
For the better part of 2020 and 2021, people worldwide found themselves in a relatively unfamiliar position. Moving around or socializing was a bit complicated, thanks to COVID-19. 
The situation presented the world with an opportunity to redefine socialization and work. And surprisingly, many people loved the idea and have chosen to continue working from home even as the pandemic wanes away. 
The same applies to travel enthusiasts. Many have realized that you do not have to take a flight to see the world; you could do it right from home.

Learning New Languages Can Help

English is the world's most spoken language. If you intend to meet and make friends from all over the world, you may need to learn a new language. For example, Spanish is an excellent pick as it is the fourth most spoken language globally, with roughly 534 million speakers. 

If you want to learn everyday Spanish to interact with friends online, you should try online Spanish conversation classes offered by Lingonda. Lingonda classes are designed to build your confidence in Spanish conversations as teachers are native Spanish speakers from Spain, Latin America, and Mexico. 

Ways of Socializing With International Friends without Leaving Home

1. Sign In To Friend Making Social Media Apps 

The mention of social media brings to mind the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other big social networks. 

But there are other little-known social media platforms designed to bring together people sharing similar interests and can be an excellent way of socializing with people globally without leaving your couch. 

These apps include:

  • Eatwith
    If you are a food lover, this is the platform to get on to meet like-minded people. This app hosts worldwide food events and allows users to join in on the events as individuals or as a group. It can be an excellent way of socializing with international friends while still enjoying what you love.
  • Backpackr
    If you consider yourself a backpacker, you will love being on this platform. This app is like a huge chat room where travelers come together to chat with fellow travelers from different regions. It is especially great for arranging hikes with people from an area you intend to visit soon.
  • Meetup
    Whatever you are passionate about, you can find like-minded people from all over the world on Meetup. Whether you are looking to train for a marathon, learn a new language, explore Paris, or anything you can think of, you will find like-minded people on Meetup without leaving your couch.

2. Watch Movies with International Friends

You can do practically everything you want to do online with friends, thanks to technology. One of the best pastimes you and your international friends have is watching movies together. 

Luckily, you can do it even if you are worlds apart. Sites and extensions such as Netflix Party, Twoseven, Watch2Gether, and Gaze can help you and your friends sync your browsers and enjoy watching movies irrespective of the geographical location. 

3. Have Friends Take You on a Virtual Tour

There are many ways to enjoy a virtual tour. One of the most common is visiting your favorite destination's website and enjoying free or paid virtual tours if they have any. 

But if you have a friend that lives in a region you have always wanted to tour, you could have them take you on tour with them. All they will need is a reliable webcam and an internet connection, and they can take you with them on tour from the comfort of your home. 

The best part is that you can still chat during the tour, meaning you can almost feel like you are there with them.

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