Stumped by Social Security?

While most people plan to use their Social Security as an asset in their retirement, few realize that how they manage it can make all the difference to their lifetime benefits.

Determining how and when to take Social Security can significantly influence the level of returns one stands to earn, and ultimately the kind of retirement one might enjoy. In order to maximize one's Social Security benefits, it's important to understand what an individual is entitled to and when, which can vary greatly from one person to another.

Northwestern Mutual has introduced a new, interactive webcast designed to help individuals understand just that. "Maximizing Social Security: How and When to Claim Your Benefit," will aim to help people understand the role that Social Security plays in their retirement income strategy and how they can ensure they don't leave any benefits on the table.

As part of the webcast, Ruthann Driscoll, JD, CLU, CFP®, director in the advanced planning division at Northwestern Mutual, will share the Social Security fundamentals everyone should know:

  • The difference in claiming Social Security at age 63 or waiting to age 70
  • Taking advantage of your spouse's social security benefits
  • Claiming Social Security while still working, even part-time

According to Driscoll, Social Security strategies can be complex, and individuals are encouraged to ask for help and seek professional guidance. Webcast viewers may submit questions to be answered during a live Q&A.

The webcast will take place at 12:00 noon Central Time on Wednesday, August 20, and is open to the public and free of charge. Individuals may register at:

"With people living longer and pension plans becoming increasingly rare, funding retirement requires real planning, and Social Security is a big part of that planning process," said Driscoll. "Retirement strategies are unique to each person. Understanding all the available options is essential to selecting the best one for your needs."

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