Seniors Should Eat These 5 Foods to Ward off COVID-19

At this point, from whichever country you come from, whatever language you speak, one thing is clear…We are all in the same boat. Humanity has two choices: either drive this boat towards normalcy or towards imminent danger and ultimate destruction.

Seeing the number of cases climb up every day is causing more anxiety and depression than ever. Beyond adopting the hermit life, social distancing, and washing hands, people also need to emphasize the power of food.

Based on the nutritional guidelines shared by WHO, check out these five foods that help protect you against COVID-19.

1.   Tricolor Peppers

Let the colorful bells ring and lift your spirits high!

Sweet bell peppers are both gentle on your stomach and pack a lot of nutrients. Red, green, and yellow bell peppers are all healthy, but red ones are more special. 

They contain more beta-carotene and Vitamin C than the others. They can be a bit pricey, though, since they require more time to harvest. However, that should not deter you from mixing things up! 

2.   The Orange and Its Peel

Orange-you glad these fruits exist?

Oranges are high in Vitamin C. But did you know that the peel contains three times more Vitamin C than the interior?  The peel has been disregarded a lot, so now is its time to shine!

With all the commotion for sustainability going on around, why not try the following home hacks using leftover orange peel?

  • Zest your meals: To add a tangy taste to your dish, you can use the zest in salads, cakes, and even chicken dishes. 
  • Infuse with olive oil: Care for an orange olive oil cake? Collect some zest and bake a cake to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
  • Drink it with tea:  Power up your immunity by drying the orange peels and placing them in your teacup. Tip: Pair it with a piece of dark chocolate for an iron boost! 

3. Avocado Love

Did you know the Aztec word for avocados means testicles?

This naming is simply because they grow in pairs, so they symbolize love and fertility for the ancient people in Mexico. 

The meaning of avocado changed over time, and for the past few years, avocado gained worldwide fame as a superfood and an essential add-on for hipsters.

If you’re an avid avo-consumer, you will reap the heart-healthy benefits of its oil and feel satiated quickly.

Prepare an avocado toast drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, sprinkle with oregano, and say goodbye to late-night snacking on sugary foods and instead say hello to an avo-licious dinner! 

4. Good Guy Yogurt

 What comes to your mind when you hear “bacteria”?

Probably something dangerous.

Well, the truth is bacteria are everywhere! On your phone, in your body, and even in your yogurt. But don’t worry, the ones found in yogurt are GOOD bacteria! These are called Probiotics, and they help get rid of harmful bacteria in your gut, thereby strengthening your immunity.

If you’re going to consume yogurt, it’s better to go all-natural, i.e., no added sugar.

5. The Mighty Salmon

Did you know salmon has been around for millions of years?

These prehistoric fish have been around since the time of dinosaurs and are valuable to us humans both culturally and nutritionally! They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

While eating salmon every week might put a dent in your pocket, you can use it as an add-on to your salads rather than making a full-course meal. 

Do you have all these healthy foods but no one to share them with?

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