Georgia's Hope: The Advantages of Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy


If you’re reading this in the hope of finding out all the benefits of a medical marijuana card in Georgia, you might come away feeling disappointed. The state has an “MMJ program” of sorts but it’s nothing like what’s available in a majority of other locations. The truth is, Georgia remains one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to the use of MMJ.

The program it offers doesn’t allow you to use standard cannabis. Instead, it is a wishy-washy mess where patients can only access oil with a maximum THC content of 5%. So, if you’re looking for a medical marijuana card in Georgia to help with issues such as chronic pain, you might feel a little short-changed.

Yet, there is one medical condition that might benefit from this substance above most others: epilepsy. Let’s learn more about Georgia’s medical marijuana laws and how patients are using what’s available to deal with the symptoms of epilepsy, particularly seizures.

What MMJ Products Are Georgia Residents Allowed to Buy?

If you want a medical marijuana card in Georgia, you still have to go through a process similar to states with proper medical marijuana programs. This means you must apply for a medical marijaunas card in GA by booking a consultation with a physician. Once you receive the doctor’s written recommendation, you have to register with the official MMJ program in Georgia.

Only then can you visit a dispensary to buy your low-THC cannabis oil. Once you have the medical marijuana card in Georgia, you’re permitted to possess a maximum of 20 fluid ounces of the oil. Remember, the THC content must remain below 5%.

While the state approved the program in April 2019, it wasn’t possible to buy the oil legally until April 2023! There are only a handful of dispensaries in the state although more are set to open sooner rather than later. 

All other forms of marijuana are strictly off limits. If you’re caught in possession of any amount, you face a misdemeanor charge and a possible one-year prison sentence. Anyone found with more than an ounce is in serious trouble as it is a felony crime in Georgia. You’ll spend at least a year in prison but you could be sentenced to ten years! The illegal sale or cultivation of the substance are also felonies.

Using Low-THC Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy

It seems as if using cannabis oil with a relatively small amount of THC oil could prove useful for anyone living with epilepsy. Indeed, there is ample evidence that CBD oil could reduce the number of seizures associated with the condition.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia is on record for offering its support to individuals living with the condition who want to use medical marijuana. According to the organization, nothing should stand in the way of patients having full access to what is potentially life-saving treatment. 

One must acknowledge that the foundation makes a lot of sense in the lengthy statement it released some time ago. It stated that if the patient, their family, and a healthcare professional feel that the possible benefits of MMJ for uncontrolled epilepsy outweigh the downsides, then families should have the legal option to accept the risks.

It is unacceptable that lawmakers in Georgia are refusing to acquiesce to these reasonable demands. After all, for people with uncontrolled epilepsy, the clock is ticking and time is not on their side. Yes, there are risks attached to using MMJ for epilepsy but when you consider the lack of viable options, not to mention the suffering patients endure, most people in the position would willingly accept the potential downsides for a chance to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Final Thoughts on Medical Marijuana in Georgia

You must apply for a medical marijuana card in Georgia if you want access to low-THC cannabis oil. At present, this oil can’t contain more than 5% THC. It is a poor compromise for patients, especially those living with uncontrolled epilepsy.

There is research that suggests medical marijuana could have an array of positive benefits for epilepsy patients. It is quite disgraceful that lawmakers are continuing to prevent such individuals from accessing medicine that could not only make a positive difference to their lives, but actually save them.


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