Finding the Right Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor


The ear, nose, and throat organs are closely connected and require specialized otolaryngology treatment from an otolaryngologist. Abroad, many international-class experts among doctors perform unique operations, develop new techniques, and master the most modern and effective treatment methods. Their extensive knowledge, practical experience, and ingenuity enable them to solve the most complex clinical tasks inaccessible successfully.

AiroMedical will help you find the best ENT and make an appointment. To save time finding the right doctor, we have also compiled a rating of the best doctors worldwide. This list was created according to the essential criteria, such as the education and experience of doctors, the number of operations performed (for surgeons), reputation among colleagues, membership in professional associations, and patient reviews. Discover more about these specialists who can help you recover your health promptly and effectively.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Otolaryngology Doctor 

Finding the right Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor sometimes becomes a matter of trial and error. The main factors worth paying attention to are:

  • Experience and training. The most common procedures are ear tube surgery and tonsillectomy. Other medical skills include eardrum repair, septoplasty, and sinus surgery. However, some ENT doctors undergo additional training in otology, facial plastic surgery, etc. It allows them to perform more specialized procedures.
  • Although ENT doctors may not be skilled in all areas, they can excel in a specific procedure, such as thyroid surgery. For instance, an ENT surgeon who performs at least 25 thyroid surgeries annually is deemed reliable in this field. 
  • Important selection criteria are the education of an ENT doctor and the advanced training courses he took.
  • An ENT doctor should be the one who listens to patients' complaints and develops an examination and treatment plan that will help solve the problem, and, at the same time, enable patients to be well-informed and involved in the decision-making process.
  • Positive feedback helps determine which ENT specialist can meet your requirements.
  • The workload of the ENT doctor indicates a high demand for this specialist.

Typically, otolaryngologists specialize in a particular area where they excel in scientific discoveries, innovative treatment methods, and extensive practical experience. AiroMedical specialists can assist you in finding a doctor who specializes in treating your condition.

Best ENT Surgeons Worldwide

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Ptok, Hannover Medical School Hospital (Germany), a specialist in otolaryngology, speech, voice, and hearing disorders.

Dr. Prasit Mahakit, Sikarin Hospital Bangkok, member of the Royal College of Otolaryngology.

MUDr. Tomas Podlesak, University Hospital Bulovka Prague (Czechia), expert in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery.

How to get treatment by a rated Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor 

If you are uncertain about your diagnosis, need help choosing a treatment method, or want the opinion of top-rated ENT doctors, AiroMedical specialists are here for you. We provide precise, reliable, and professional medical opinions and treatments based on modern protocols. Our team will create a personalized medical program for you, assign a doctor who specializes in your specific disease, and assist with organizing your trip for treatment. 



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