A Blessing for Family Caregivers

Our friends at ShepherdCares.com will be releasing a new smartphone application that helps family caregivers manage their own health as they are caring for others.

It’s all about controlling stress.

There are 53 million family caregivers struggling to manage the care of their aging parents and loved ones.

Unchecked, the chronic stress from caregiving results in depression and poor physical health. This puts family caregivers at a higher risk for developing multiple long-term diseases as they neglect their personal health to care for others. Studies reveal the following critical statistics:

  • 32% of family caregivers had 14 or more mentally or physically unhealthy days in the past month
  • 41% of family caregivers have developed two or more chronic diseases

From Chaos to Calm

Shepherd helps family caregivers hold it all together. It organizes all key communication, activities, documents and resources into one simple system and delivers expert guidance about caregiving and caregiver health. Shepherd can help family caregivers:

  • Remotely manage the care of their loved ones
  • Reduce the stress that negatively impacts their health
  • Take charge of their tasks and responsibilities
  • Restore balance in their home lives
  • Stay more engaged in their work lives

Take advantage of this opportunity

If you are a family caregiver, Shepherd is offering you the opportunity now to simplify your life — before Shepherd's official release date. Simply email Shepherd and they will send you a code that will enable you to download and begin using Shepherd — absolutely free now, and because you are becoming an early adopter and a member of an important pre-release test group, free for life. You will receive an occasional brief email from Shepherd that will enable you to send them your feedback and comments.

Take advantage of this now. We believe Shepherd will make your caregiving journey smoother and more rewarding.