Are Dating Sites A Positive For Those Reaching The “Over 50s” Mark

Guest Post

Genuinely anything that distracts from human interaction and socialization in real-time is not a positive. We’ve come so far away from the golden era when everything was about getting together to mingle, meeting people at parties or pubs, taking phone numbers from strangers you meet with friends, so you can actually talk on the telephone to set up a date for later. 

All that is now automated with apps, dating sites, algorithms, and even messengers where you can text friends instead of going over to see them live. When a 50+-year-old comes out of a divorce or is bereaved, or finishes a successful career and decides it’s time to socialize, there is a major culture shock. For the younger generation, they don’t understand the problem. It’s normal for them. It’s what they’re used to. 

Is 50 too old to start dating? No, absolutely not. Fifty is vibrant and, depending on who you ask, still youthful in so many aspects. But it is a generation old enough to remember what the term dating meant and how foreign the concept is today. 

The social, enigmatic individuals are now in the process of learning how to refer to a list on the dating site guides website, so they can find an appropriate app for their age group in order to begin the process of meeting potential companions. For those with a genuine desire to meet people, this is virtually the only way to make that happen.

Tips For Daters Over the Age Of 50

Hopefully, you won't find the new-age dating situation disheartening. There are a growing number of people who are finding love and happiness online. Some people are evening finding wedded bliss through the web. The challenge for an advanced age group is, not all of them are interested in a second lifetime. 

The goal for them to get back out there is not to find another spouse usually. They’ve lived, usually raised a family, usually had a career, and now just want to explore and have fun. But that can be misconstrued if not verbalized personally. 

The online dating process might be broken as a whole and in a number of ways, but, in reality, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. You just need to get on there and fine-tune your approach. You don’t want to have too many expectations but rather keep it light and ease off the filters because the perfect person has not been invented yet. No filters existed back in the day. People were taken at face value. See this for navigating the dating world after the age of 50.


As a person dating over a certain age, you don’t need to narrow down the filters to the nth degree. Nor does anyone, for that matter. People tend to place their orders on the dating site like they're ordering a piece of equipment. Human beings should come with surprises and nuances that allow you to explore and get to know each other without everything being dictated by a well-planned-out inventory list.

Most seniors are typically looking for companionship, someone to enjoy traveling or going to events with, or simply having a meal a few nights a week. You don’t need to know if that person brushes their teeth on the right or left side first thing in the morning. Removing some of the filters and being more open will expose you to greater opportunities.


Some of the niches over 50 dating sites will hold events or themed activities. The cool thing about these is they eliminate the need to date or use the app. You can go to the activities that interest you, where there will be other people who prefer the same activities. You'll likely strike up conversations while you’re there and - boom - go for coffee. 

It’s so much better than an awkward first meeting, and you have a good time. If that person isn’t necessarily companion-material, you’ve made a good friend.


Some people hold a lot of faith in the algorithms and allow the computer to decide who they should approach and ignore their own gut instinct. It would be helpful to avoid that. Instinct has a way of always serving people well, especially those of a mature age. They’re almost always right.

If you see a picture and find interests that you share, and check all the boxes that matter, a simple message hurts no one. You’ll definitely get a vibe from a few conversations and can go on from that point.


Regardless of whether someone matches with you or sends you a message first or gives any kind of indication to you, if you like a profile, send a message. It’s the only way to open a line of communication. 

At this stage in life, or any stage, there’s no reason to prevent yourself from acting on something you want to do. How will this person ever know you if you don’t say something? It’ll be your loss.

Sadly, so many people “wait.” What are they waiting for? You should never talk about your intentions or speak what you want, just do it. Too much time is wasted in this world on wishing and not enough time enjoying. Life is short.

Tried And True

This is like a credo for dating sites. The other person doesn’t need to spend a fortune on all the premium services to prove their worth. But you also don’t want to deal with people on free sites. 

When someone pays a reasonable amount of money for membership, or you go on a site that requires a relatively median amount for membership, you’ll eliminate a majority of the people who tend to be a problem. 

Not only that, but you have more protections and safety with these over those that are free. Regardless of age, you don’t want to put yourself or anyone around you in danger.

Final Thought

Yesterday is gone, and many of us miss the personal gratification that the times gave, but times change, life moves on, and then there were cell phones. People over the age of 50 must admit that they have even the slightest addiction now that they have been exposed to dating apps and cell phones. Go to for guidance on dating over 50.

Many kids and grandkids regret the fact that they worked with their grandmas to set up cell phones. Because how people used to gossip while talking over the fence in the backyard - now there’s the messenger.

Socializing has changed a lot, and it was really a difficult experience for people over a certain age who were used to families and friends coming together. If we’re not careful, there can be a lot of self-isolation and loneliness. 

If you notice a family member who isn’t interacting in any way, whether using a cell phone, social medial, FaceTime, laptop, or in person, please do a wellness check. If the individual is not someone to connect with, make a point of being their “live” connection as often as possible. We can’t let people of any age fall through the cracks.