6 Important Ways to Help Elderly Relatives Stay Comfortable in Their Own Home

As our loved ones age, the need to make their home a safe and comfortable place becomes paramount. Of course, the decision to age in place can provide them with the freedom to live comfortably in their own spaces, even as their needs change over time. 

However, this choice isn’t free of challenges and risks. Because of this, it is crucial to implement strategies to ensure that your aging relatives can enjoy their Golden Years in a cozy, safe, and loving environment.

Let’s look at these strategies below. 

Strive To Better Understand The Challenges of Aging in Place 

Aging in place, despite its numerous benefits, isn’t always easy or free of risks. It is, today, the favorite choice for the majority of older adults as it enables them to live independently while residing in a setting that is familiar and reassuring. Yet it's equally important to recognize that this doesn't come without its own set of challenges. 

For instance, an aging loved one may be at greater risk of falls and accidents, which makes safety a major concern for most families. It is also important to note that, as your loved one continues to age at home, he or she may begin to feel lonely, bored, or not prone to social activities.

Isolation and loneliness can have a profound, negative effect on their cognitive abilities and mental health. In turn, this can affect the way they experience life and prevent them from aging in place later on. 

Consider Hiring a Caregiver

Another great option to improve the comfort and safety of your older relatives’ home is to hire a caregiver. Not only can these professionals help your loved ones age in place safely, but they can also provide mobility support, assistance during daily activities, and, above all, companionship. Be sure to work with your aging parent or relative to find a caregiver who is perfect for the role!

Make Sure The Heating is Working Effectively

Ensuring that the heating system is working effectively is crucial to keep your elderly relatives cozy and comfortable. A malfunctioning system can make their home too chilly, particularly through the winter months, and even lead to health complications.

Indeed, a poorly maintained HVAC system can lead to poorer indoor air quality, respiratory issues, and higher costs. Specialists such as the ARS heating and air conditioning experts can help you keep your parents’ heating system in tip-top shape - especially as the colder months approach. 

Improve Their Safety - Especially in the Bathroom and Bedroom

Safety improvement in the home is a key factor in ensuring your elderly loved ones can live comfortably. Pay extra attention to spaces like bathrooms, kitchen, or bedrooms, as these areas can often present slipping or tripping hazards.

In the bathroom, consider installing grab bars near the shower, tub, and toilet. You may also consider swapping features such as the bathtub for a more accessible alternative. 

In terms of bedroom safety, ensure that the path to the bathroom is clear of any obstacles, especially during nighttime. You could also invest in railings, lifts to access the bedroom from lower floors, and mobility-friendly beds. 

Use Smart Home Technology To Your Advantage

Smart home technology can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting the comfort and safety of your elderly relatives. Devices such as smart speakers or alarms can provide reminders for medication, appointments, and even detect falls. 

Additionally, digital thermostats can automate temperature control, ensuring a consistently comfortable environment. Home assistants may help your older one access entertainment through voice commands, and immediately view who is at their doors. By incorporating these technologies into your relative's living space, you can add an extra layer of safety and convenience to their daily routine.

Above all, when it comes to creating a comfortable nest for your aging parents or relatives, don’t forget to ask them what would help them enjoy their home with greater peace of mind. They may provide invaluable guidance!