5 Major Reasons for Roof Failure in Burlington

For the locals here in Burlington, facing the unpredictable weather is just another day in their lives. But can the same be said about your home? 

The most common thing that’s overlooked when it comes to protecting a home is its roof. Even if the Burlington residents know how to combat the weather, your roof is in danger of facing its own challenges. And it’s these challenges that cause your roof to fail. 

Luckily for you, we’re here to help you identify what these reasons might be. So, let’s not waste any more time and delve into them right away!

Here are five reasons why your roof might be failing to protect you the way it should.

1. Weather Troubles

The winters are cold and heavy with snowfall here in Burlington, so if your roof is not properly ventilated or insulated then the snow will build up eventually and put stress on the structure.

This can lead to your roof to leak or even collapse. And it’s vital you make sure your roof is ready to deal with the harsh winter.

While it doesn’t rain quite as much as in other regions when it does, it pours here in Burlington. And, the downpour can cause your roof’s waterproofing to be weak, ultimately leading to water damage and leaks. Not only that, gutters and drains can also cause water to come into your home as well. 

Dealing With High Temperatures

Even the summers are not kind in Burlington, and overexposure to heat can really take a toll on your roof. Did you know that UV rays can cause your shingles to decay over time? This can cause your roof to warp, crack, and eventually fail. 

Moreover, extremely high temperatures can also speed up the aging of your roof as well as make it more vulnerable. We recommend investing in heat-resistant materials for your roof so that there’s enough ventilation to help combat Burlington’s scorching summer heat. 

2. Low-Quality Roofing Materials

Some homeowners make the mistake of buying cheaper and low-quality materials to cut the cost as roofing can be expensive. It gives them a false sense of the idea that the materials will work for the time being. 

But eventually, they get damaged as well. The point of the materials is to protect your roof, and poor-quality materials will only cost you more money to fix. 

While the roofing materials can be expensive, we assure you that it’s totally worth it. Buying quality products only benefits you and your home in the long run, so why not make the compromise? 

3. Substandard Installations

When it comes to roof installations, you have to be prepared to make a big investment. This might sound expensive, and it will likely be, but in the case of roof installations, the bigger the investment you make, the better. 

In Burlington, any contractor that tries to give you an estimate that’s below the average should be avoided at all costs. It means they are not up to the task and are mostly inexperienced roof specialists.

This might end up costing you more than you paid for thanks to the leaks, cracks, and other issues that are going to come up because of the poor installation.

To prevent this from happening we suggest you take roofing estimates from various specialists and determine which one is the right fit for you.

Remember to also always ask for references before you sign a contract with a professional. Opt for reputed companies like Gerry's Roofing & Siding, or any other well-known roofing brand.

4. When You Have Really Friendly Neighbors

Along with its natural beauty, Burlington is also famous for its number of wildlife residents who are looking for a forever home on someone’s rooftop.

From raccoons to squirrels, your roof will be the centerfold of all things chaotic. They'll be causing damage to your vents, insulation, and shingles.

On top of the physical harm to your roof, these critters can also bring in moisture and create a way for mold and mildew to thrive. This is why regular inspection is crucial to keep these overly friendly neighbors away!

5. The Path to a Longer Lifespan

Homes, as well as people, here in Burlington, tend to age with grace. Unfortunately, the same cannot be same when it comes to the roofs looming over them. But, if you can notice the signs early on then you have a chance to prevent it.

For instance, a roof that’s been exposed to temperature fluctuations, harsh elements, and wear and tear will harm your roofing materials over time. As time goes by, you’ll notice leaks, structural issues, and also sagging. These are dangerous signs and need to be addressed immediately.

The life of your roof will depend on a number of things. Things like the quality of the material used and how it was installed. Let’s not forget the maintenance that you have to follow up with, too. 

Final Thoughts 

Your roof is the key to protecting your home, and maintaining a roof’s condition needs proper attention and care. There are many challenges you might face thanks to Burlington’s diverse and unpredictable climate. 

And you as a homeowner, have to be on top of it all. Constant vigilance, regular maintenance, and a proactive approach to repairs will help keep your roof standing strong.

Whether you’re enjoying the wonderful breeze off of Lake Ontario or you’re witnessing the breathtaking fall foliage at Spencer Smith Park, just know that your roof is up for facing anything and everything that comes its way!